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standing dumbbells lateral raise
standing dumbbells lateral raise


Stand up and grasp the dumbbells, one in each hands, with the palms facing inwards. The arms should almost stretched and the elbow slightly bent.
Lift the arms outwards until the dumbbells reach the shoulders. Hold the contraction for a moment and than bring the arms back to the starting position.
The dumbbell lateral raise is an useful workout to strengthen the lateral part of the deltoid. It involves, during the contraction phase, the anterior and rear part of the deltoid, and the traps too as secondary muscles.
Breathe out lifting up the dumbbells and breathe in bringing the arms back to the starting position.
If you lift the dumbbell over the shoulder you can strengthen the traps. The exercise focuses on the lateral deltoid if the dumbbells are parallel to the floor. If you move the dumbbells so that the thumbs face upwards, raising the external rotation of the shoulder, you involve more the anterior deltoid; instead if the thumbs face downwards you involve more the rear deltoid. Also if you change the starting position, you can involve different part of the shoulder: if you start with dumbbells in front of the hips you involve more the anterior deltoid, instead if you start with the dumbbells behind the hips you involve the rear deltoid.
- Do not stretch completely the elbows but bend them slightly throughout the motion to avoid injuries to the joint
- Do not swing the back throughout the motion.
- The legs should be slightly wide apart to avoid to load the back. 


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