I am Jayesh pitale an inspired body builder from Ahmednagar,Maharastra.I am 20 years old, software engineer by profession.
I am a simple boy with dream in my eyes of being a professional body builder.
I have hobbies like Reading, coding, gym, photoshoot and much more.

My Journey

At the age of 18, I started preparing myself for being Best Body builder with weight 40Kg as a thin college boy inspired by Guru Mann And Arnold Schwarzenegger. I joined a gym with very less equipments and no knowledge of body Building, But with hard work and dedication towards my goal and support of my family and friends, I achieved milestone of making lean and attractive body goal.

1 january 2016

After 1 year I moved to another gym as it was very important for me to choose right equipments and right diet to make not just muscles but proper healthy fit body. I participated in Body show in Ahmednagar at age of 20. And gained so much of grace and appreciation, which made me more confident to achieve my goal. My aim with this site is to share my knowledge of body building so that begineers get knowledge of exercising each body part properly.

1 February 2018

I Believe That,
"When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."


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